What is Permaculture?

Building a ‘Permanent Culture’:
Sustainable Development of
Long Enduring Constructs.

Permaculture is the multidisciplinary design philosophy that suggests human behavior should emulate or expand upon natural systems rather than see them as a tool to subjugate or an enemy to vanquish.

It sees people as inhabitants, rather than conquerors.

It is the understanding that unconstrained urbanization and modern industrial agriculture is disruptive to the natural processes within the soil biome and thus destructive to the ecosystem.

It puts forth that, by moving toward regenerative practices, we can become sustainable; with clean food, water, textiles, and construction materials all produced locally. Not only is the reliance on the global supply chain reduced and the distress of scarcity limited, stress associated mental illnesses, crime, and violence are also reduced through created opportunities.

In short, the solutions have always been here, it is simply a matter of harnessing these natural forces.

I am certain setting off on this course will help develop enriching cultures centered around fertile, productive landscapes… and, in fact, within them.

We face many obstacles… legacy politics, petrochemical profit incentives for corporate “science”… time itself… but, the solutions are here… all it takes is one viral meme

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